Perhaps you dream of having a baby but struggle with infertility. Maybe you have biological children but are considering adoption to build your family. Adopting embryo babies might be the answer. “Frozen, But Not Forgotten” is the book that will teach you how to do it.

Written from a Christian perspective by Nate Birt—a veteran journalist-turned-adoptive father—learn everything you need to know about the embryo adoption process from your first call with an agency or fertility clinic to bringing baby home from the hospital. Here’s what you’ll learn inside:

  • Why there are an estimated 1 million frozen embryos in the U.S. today

  • How embryo adoption began, and how it can help build your family

  • What opportunities and challenges adoption poses, and how to address each with honesty and sensitivity

  • How to talk to your loved ones about your decision to adopt embryos

  • What to weigh in an open or a closed adoption

  • Why embryo adoption is morally necessary, and what you can do to raise public awareness

  • And much more

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