When To Take A Stand

Stand Cave.jpeg

In honor of Election Day, this post is short. If you fashion yourself something of a political junkie as I do, you are trying to narrow the scope of your reading this week to the people who will lead our country in the years ahead.

Today is an important reminder to continually develop character so that when a decision is necessary—as it is on Election Day—you are prepared to act.

Take a stand for the values you hold true. If you are a person of faith as I am, take a stand for the values God reveals to be true.

Above all, put the needs of your neighbors ahead of your own temporary needs.

Do right by the least among us.

Entertain other perspectives but not at the expense of truth.

Hold to your vision even when people tempt you to act out of scarcity and fear of the unknown darkness rather than out of compassion for your fellow man.

Stand up. Stand out. Stand firm.

Your country needs you. But the American family needs you most of all.