Embryo Adoption Happens Around The World

Globe In Hand.jpeg

Chalk it up to my egocentric American way of thinking: I had no idea other countries had well-established embryo adoption programs.

Turns out, I was wrong. (Big surprise.)

This week, I had the pleasure of connecting via email and social media with the team at the Institut Marquès. They recently celebrated their 1,000th successful birth from embryo adoption, with clinics for embryo transfers in Spain and Ireland.

Then I ran across this past (admittedly a few years old) from the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center about couples exploring embryo adoption in Australia.

I’ll keep an eye on the names of countries whose residents are visiting my website and use that information to inform future posts on the ways other countries are approaching this critical issue.

Every life matters, and I’m delighted to see that hope for frozen embryos has spread so widely.