3 Radio Interview Tips For Embryo Adoptive Couples

radio interview microphone.jpg

Julie, Phoebe and I had a blast sharing our embryo adoption story this past week with Mathew Pilger of KXEO Radio in Mexico.

If you or your family are hoping to spread the word about your embryo adoption so more couples will consider it, here are a few tips I found helpful:

1. Prepare A Media Kit. I learned this from Michael Hyatt's Get Published course. If you're not planning to write a book, you don't need to include this much information. Even sharing a few basic topics or bullet points about your family in advance is all you should need to help the radio host prepare.

2. Keep It Casual. It’s helpful to talk through questions you might be asked with your spouse. Go into the interview relaxed and ready to have fun. This is your time to shine!

3. Keep It Conversational. Pretend the interview is a conversation over coffee with a friend. Unless there’s something particularly controversial about your story, you probably don’t need to anticipate any gotcha questions. If there are, revert back to your talking points about embryo adoption and your growing family.

As Hyatt describes in his book, “Platform,” you won’t always have the megaphone to reach the right people — but your friends in the media probably do. Together, you can spread the word about embryo adoption and help other families find joy from these precious lives.

What’s the best way you’ve found to share your embryo adoption story — or to research others’ stories? Post a comment below to share!