How To Avoid Adoption Panic


Last night, we informed Titus that it would be raining for the next few days because of the moisture pushing its way north from Tropical Depression Gordon.

"ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT?" responded Titus, his voice rising to a fever pitch. 

We explained that yes, this was the case. He continued to ask the question, increasingly panicked. We reassured him everything would be fine and that it would be a steady rain, not a violent storm.

You might experience the same sense of panic mixed with urgency along the road to adoption. I know I did. You aren't looking for reasons to worry, but those reasons arrive at your doorstep anyway:

  • What if we never get through all of the paperwork?
  • What if no placing family likes us enough to place embryos with us? 
  • What if something bad happens and none of our embryos come to term?
  • What if we never have the chance to meet the baby we've dreamed about?

These questions are terrifying, and they're normal. 

I want to reassure you and encourage you. Don't focus on the "What if?". Focus on the "What next?".

Keep moving forward. Draw strength from your spouse, your close friends and, above all, from God.

Yes, praying and asking for spiritual support only He can provide has become something of a cultural taboo. Ignore that, too. There are many occasions in life where the strength and support you need are supernatural, and no one I know can provide the same level of encouragement.