Pro-Life Senator Sasse Speaks Out In Favor Of Adoption And The Unborn


Pro-life issues captured top billing this week as Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse joined Focus on the Family’s Jim Daly to talk about recent challenges to the unborn.

I’d encourage you to read the entire discussion, but this quote from Sen. Sasse stood out in particular:

“Legislation is important, but legislation is subordinate to the bigger thing happening, which is celebrating life, celebrating image-bearers, coming alongside moms who are in a complicated or unplanned, uh, position, celebrating adoption - uh, my wife is a volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center - that's the heart of this movement.”

Changes to the law are important yet too often temporary. Changes to the heart, though, are profound and lasting if we choose to let them.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been touched by so many people who have responded with kindness and gratitude about “Frozen, But Not Forgotten.” In particular, I’m pleased to spread the word about the National Embryo Donation Center, which counsels both families seeking to place embryos and families seeking to adopt embryos. They’ve compiled a wonderful resource page I encourage you to check out.

More than anything, I’m excited to be sending a steady stream of books out the door to families I’ve never met — families who might consider joining my own on the special journey of embryo adoption.

What would a new baby mean for your family? Or for your friends who are faced with the burden of infertility? Or for your loved ones who have remaining embryos and can’t bear to leave them in storage or to see them destroyed?

Embryo adoption might be the answer. It starts with one step. One phone call. One choice to honor life.