'But Adoption Isn't For Me'


If adoption isn’t for you, it might be a fit for another family you know.

In fact, it might be for you after all. In my book, “Frozen, But Not Forgotten,” I write about the fact that I staunchly opposed embryo adoption in particular.

My stupid reason: It weirded me out. (Incidentally, I get to use the word “stupid” because I was.)

Adoption affects all of us and has a special urgency, even when we’re unaware of it. As Paul told the Christians in Rome: “You have received the Spirit of adoption as sons” (Romans 8:15, ESV).

All of us started life as children. There are many children who need homes. Frozen embryos are children awaiting a nurturing environment — a mother’s womb — where they will have the best chance at life.

You might never adopt a child. But you can share the hope of adoption with people you care about.

You might just save a child’s life and bless a family in the process.