One Rule For Chaos Parenting


One rule for chaos parenting is to keep it flexible.

That’s it.

Our October calendar is proving to be a mix of wait, wait, go crazy nuts and book everything back to back.

Yours might be, too.

As a parent, your responsibility is primarily the well-being of your children. So as much as your life might be crazy, keep the little ones’ exposure to that chaos to a minimum. Stick to your routines — bed times, snack times, play times.

Give them something to look forward to each day. Our daily schedule includes breakfast and dinner together, post-dinner playtime, and, before bed, Bible reading, stories, a prayer and two songs.

Then promise yourself that you’ll slow down a bit when the chaos has passed you by. It might not be for a while, but it will give you the sanity each moment to power through the present.