Adoption Tells A Global Love Story


No family is perfect. I know from experience. But for families with the giving and receiving of love at their core, there can be no safer destination.

One of our favorite adoption organizations sent a postcard just a few days ago spotlighting the many families who have been helped through the generosity of others. Like us, they believe families deserve to grow and flourish through adoption.

It isn’t charity. It isn’t a hand out. It’s a way to love more deeply and seek more earnestly to appreciate fully what Heaven will be like.

Because at its core, Heaven is made up of God’s universal family. What we have on Earth is merely a shadow, a reflection of things to come. And if life can be this good—despite the pain we all experience, some more deeply than others, in this life—just imagine what life will be like on the other side.

Adoption is a celebration of a value people worldwide understand. That’s love.